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Best Short Film

The Java Plum Tree

Best Actor in a Short Film

Adnan Siddiqui for "The Java Plum Tree"

Best Documentary

From Sweden, With Love

Best Feature Film

Dada Lakhmi

Best Actress in a Short Film

Vidushi Chadha for "How Do You Fall Out of Love with Country Music?"

Best Actor in a Feature Film

Yashpal Sharma for "Dada Lakhmi"

Best Actress in a Feature Film

Prachi Bansal for "The Lost Girl"


Discover the Official Selection for SAIFFF Festival 2024! Delve into a curated showcase of cinematic excellence, featuring diverse narratives and innovative storytelling from around the world. Experience the pinnacle of filmmaking artistry as we present a precise selection of films that promise to inspire, provoke thought, and captivate audiences.

"Film recognizes neither time nor space, only the limits of man's imagination." – Nicholas Ray


The South Asian International Film Festival (SAIFFF), a Non Profit Organization , champions the voice of South Asian cinema. With entries from countries including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Bhutan, we aim to amplify the narrative of this rich cinematic landscape on a global platform.

Curated Selections

Every year, we bring together a selection of the finest South Asian films, handpicked by our team of cinematic experts.

Connecting Communities

We aim to connect film enthusiasts, artists, and creators, fostering a community passionate about South Asian cinema.


Frequently Asked Questions

Any indie filmmaker from a South Asian country can submit their work to SAIFF. The primary requirement is that the film reflects the culture, essence, and narratives of South Asia.

Tickets can be purchased through our website's ticketing section. We also offer various packages for multiple screenings and days.

The deadline varies each year. Please refer to our "Submissions" page for this year's specific deadlines and guidelines.

While we celebrate all genres and stories from South Asia, each edition might have a specific theme or focus. Kindly check our "Theme" section for more details.

Yes, international co-productions are eligible as long as the film has a significant South Asian component, either in content, cast, or crew.

We appreciate your interest! Please visit our "Get Involved" section for details on volunteering and other opportunities to support the festival.

Yes, we offer student discounts. Students need to provide valid identification during ticket purchase and at the venue.

The festival venues vary each year. Please check our "Venue" page for exact locations and maps for this year's festival.

We organize Q&A sessions after screenings where filmmakers can discuss their work and interact directly with the audience.

Yes, we host an awards ceremony towards the end of the festival to honor outstanding films and performances. Details about categories and nominations can be found on our "Awards" page.

We welcome partnerships with organizations and individuals who align with our mission. Please visit our "Sponsors" page for more details on sponsorship packages and collaborations.