Dada Lakhmi (Premier Film) - Haryanvi/Hindi-India

Dada Lakhmi (Premier Film) - Haryanvi/Hindi-India


April 19, 2024    
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm


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Yashpal Sharma

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2Hr 32M 10S

Dada Lakhmi Film is based on a Musical journey of Pandit Lakhmichand. Pt. Lakhmichand was a folk artist of Haryana from district Sonipat Village Janti, Punjab , now Haryana , Near Singhu Border. He never went to school but he was one of the most learned personality of Haryana. He was famous as “Shakespeare of Haryana . Kabir, ,Gandharv Purush, Bhavishya Wakta, & Surya Kavi, He was born in 1903 and died in 1945. In this short period he became so famous that people used to come on bullock cart from 50-60 miles to listen his Raginis and to watch saangs. He was an actor, Director, Producer, Singer, Creator overall all rounder. Other singers and saangies were so jealous of him. One day a saangi Mixed mercury and vermilion in his food and water, that became poisonous. He lost his voice and the film shows his struggle how he came back to normal and started singing again . Actually the theme of the film is that. let`s go in the land where there is no hatred, no violence, . Only music, love and brotherhood survives

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